The University of Iowa Mock Trial
2-Time National Champions

University of Iowa Mock Trial


Current Members

Head Coach: Ryan Seelau

Executive Board


Cait Spackman

Cait is a senior, an English major studying medieval literature, she has several Lord of the Rings tattoos, a cat named Pippin, and she plays the bagpipes. When she’s not doing mock trial, she's either at the gym the gym. She has come to blows over the Oxford comma before. She’s obsessed with mock trial because she likes to hear herself talk, and because suits are sexy. “There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives.” -Leslie Knope

Vice President
Megan Koch

Megan is a junior majoring in English and Environmental Science with a focus in Geoscience. How these two things are related at all is an absolute mystery to almost everyone, but she hopes to someday attend law school in the wake of this terrible mess. That, or she’ll just hide in the woods and never come out. In her free time, Megan likes to loiter in various coffee shops, pretend she’s on the Great British Baking Show, and say hello to dogs on the street. If you think rocks are cool, enjoy snobby 18th and 19th century British novels, or plan on spending the majority of your life in Bozeman, Montana for no foreseeable reason, you and Megan are already best friends.
Keilye Johnson

Keilye is just a one of a kind girl who is too cool for you. She's a sophomore who already has her master plan, but she's not letting you in on it. She knows that you have to figure things out for yourself. What Keilye will tell you is that she enjoys chubby cats and funnel cakes. She once tried her hand a stand-up comedy, but they told her she was just too good. She expects that someday she will become a professional skydiver and/or scuba diver. Keilye enjoys mock trial, but she's worried that she'll become too good and it'll get boring. But for now, she's just going to be that crazy, fun witness you wish you could be.


Rachel Bruflodt

Rachel is technically a senior, but basically she has enough credits to graduate with every single degree the university offers. Rachel is majoring in Engineering and she is literally the smartest person in UIMT by far. Rachel's role in mock trial is to be the unappreciated genius and do the 'Jim from the Office' face to an imaginary camera when her mock family are being hooligans.

Public Relations
Tian Liu

Tian is a junior, majoring in Journalism & Mass Communication and Art. Tian does nearly everything for fun, including mock trial. Other than photography and books, the third important thing in her life is food. That might be the only fun fact about her: while most people eat to live, Tian lives to eat.


Audrey Felderman-

Audrey is a currently a sophomore majoring in journalism with a certificate in entrepreneurial management as well as minors in political science and philosophy. She joined Mock Trial because she likes to try new things and is interested in pursuing a career in law. A fun fact about her is that she is creepily good at remembering names, for example, she knew all of the first, middle, and last names of the people she graduated high school with, which actually was not very hard with 35 of them- but a fact about her all the same.

Christian Pint-

Christian is a freshman majoring in Civil Engineering. He’s doing mock trial because it’s a fun pastime that he has been involved with since junior year of high school. His life generally revolves around occasionally school, lots of mock trial, then there is that occasional pesky need to sleep.

Elanna Neppel-

Elanna is a freshman majoring in engineering and minoring in math. It is a mystery as to why she joined mock trial, but she is very glad she did. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching tv shows, or accidentally procrastinating on something.

Ellen Wandro-

Ellen is a sophomore at the University of Iowa studying criminology, law, and justice for no apparent reason. In her free time, Ellen enjoys watching Netflix, drinking coffee, procrastinating very important tasks, giving love to stray cats, and pondering the meaning of life. She isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up yet, but it seems every day she finds another thing she doesn’t want to do. Ellen joined mock trial because her mom always told her it was amazing how she never ceased to get her way and because former president Abby Ayers pressured her to. Turns out, Abby was right, and mock trial is pretty neat.    

Ellie Hoeper-

Ellie is a freshman planning on studying Criminology, Law, and Justice and she plans to go to law school after she finishes her undergraduate degree. She joined Mock Trial because she's really competitive and loves being dramatic so Mock Trial just seemed like the best of both worlds! Ellie's hobbies include procrastinating papers until the last minute and coloring adult coloring books as a stress reliever. She likes to work out but always rewards herself with a smoothie every time. Ellie's pet peeves are when people overuse the word "like" in a sentence and when people sit right next to her on an empty bus.

Erica Barnett- 

Erica is a freshman and an open major because she is indecisive and can’t figure out what she wants to do with her life. She decided to join Mock Trial because there were brownies at the first meeting, she’s good at arguing with her sisters, she has an interest in possibly pursuing law, and because the people were somewhat cool.  She can pop out practically any bone in her body, she got to be a queen for a year, and accidentally sang the National Anthem at a minor league baseball game one time.

Faith Benson- 

Faith is a freshman who has been a political science major since she was in third grade, despite her best efforts to escape. She’ll probably add more on to that because she heard law schools don’t accept video essays anymore. She joined mock trial because she wants to be able to argue things in person as well as she can on paper, but mostly it's because when she gets excited she accidentally interrupts people and she heard you can get away with it in mock trial if you say “objection.” A fun fact about Faith is that she can tell you many fun facts.

John Melvin-

John is a freshman majoring in Biochemistry, English and Philosophy, but the list doesn’t stop there. He’s also minoring in Chemistry, Rhetoric and Persuasion, and Health and the Human Condition. No one told him that you’re supposed to choose one thing and stick with it, so he chose all of his passions. He one day plans to get both his PhD and M.D. So he can be Dr. Dr. Melvin, but as for right now he makes a mean pizza. John loves all sorts of things, but especially arguing things that don’t make sense to see if he can win and so he figured he’d put that to good use and do mock trial. He also felt pretty cheated that his high school didn’t offer mock trial, so he plans to make the most of these next four years.

Kristen Anklewicz-

Kristen is currently a sophomore majoring in International Relations on pre-law track. She joined Mock Trial because she is on a quest to be more witty and interesting. Despite her denial, Kristen has many special skills which include making weird sounds and being humble. She's also very persuasive as she convinced Faith to write this for her.

Mason Koelm-


Mason is a freshman majoring in International Relations and Criminology, Law, and Justice. He hopes to use these majors to become an International Attorney after law school and protect the world's cultures by promoting understanding and knowledge. Mason joined Mock Trial because he enjoys showing off in a suit.

Michelle Kumar-

Michelle is currently a sophomore at the University of Iowa. She is pursuing a double major in International Studies and Ethics and Public Policy. She loves dogs, dessert, and getting emotionally attached to shows on Netflix. You're most likely to find her in a library or bookstore complaining about something or someone (probably you) to herself. She made the decision to join Mock Trial in an over caffienated burst of confidence and because she can't resist a good argument.

Rohan Gupta-

Rohan is a Freshman, majoring in Computer Science. There isn't a particular reason he joined in Mock Trial besides the advertisements in chalk he saw on the sidewalk while walking to his classes. 

Serena Qamhieh-

Serena is a sophomore at the University of Iowa studying Political Science and Philosophy. Serena sees law school in her future and decided that Mock Trial would help enhance her speaking skills, formulate stronger argumentation skills, and give her a better picture of what working in a law field would look like. Serena also wanted to meet some new people and has certainly met some great people who are just as argumentative as she is since joining mock trial. In her free time, Serena enjoys reading a good book as well as playing and listening to music. You may spot Serena frantically dashes across campus running late to her next class, meeting, or engagement.

Travis Siegel- 

Travis is a freshman at the University of Iowa studying Theater Art. He has been dedicating his life to method acting a combination of all the greatest characters; Michael Scott, Fonzie, and David S. Pumpkins. He joined mock trial because he was promised that he could perfect this character while winning awards.


Abby Hudock-

Abby is a junior majoring in Microbiology and plans on attending medical school, with the hope of one day becoming a pediatrician. Hopefully, she’ll get to study abroad next year and finally figure out if those five years of Spanish were worth it. She joined mock trial because, according to her family, she loves to argue, and she figured she might as well channel that into something constructive. You can usually find her stressing out over a chemistry exam or hiding in a bookstore. Or both.
Albert Keith-

Albert is just one of those guys out here doing his thing. He's a mysterious character who doesn't trust anything. Just because the package says it's gluten free, Albert still has his doubts. Albert simply doesn't have time for other peoples' absurdities and he knows that his pet turtle, Milton, has everything figured out. Between painting his own versions of classic works of art and creating intricate model airplanes, you could say that Albert is a well-cultured guy. Mock trial is just his way of showing people how he can argue better than them when he wants to. 
Chase Van Langen-

After 18 years of what experts would call “giving the dunk” on life, Chase turned his attention to the University of Iowa. Currently enrolled as a sophomore at Iowa, Chase was drawn to the mock trial program, where they do things like performing a mock trial and having the best time ever by traveling all over. Aside from this, Chase is majoring in Political Science and History and all that it implies. The only thing Chase does for fun is mock trial and mock trial accessories, along with the occasional moonlight stroll. Chase joined mock trial for the explicit purpose of making mock trial great again, and he has  a keen interest in it.
Delaney Cornforth-

Delaney is a pre-law sophomore majoring in Anthropology and International Studies with a human rights focus. She’s been in mock trial since seventh grade, and it’s always been a very important part of her life, so she decided to continue in college. A fun fact about Delaney is that she lived in Bolivia for a year and is fluent in Spanish. 
Borden Rome-

Borden is an English and Creative Writing major at the University of Iowa. They like long naps and avoiding responsibilities. Having done mock trial since high school, their personality is clear; they are a nerd who likes to argue. That being said, they look forward to what each new year brings, and working forward with their teams.

Isabelle Breitfelder-

Isabelle is a sophomore and would tell you what her current major is, but since that would probably become incorrect within one week, she is not going to include that. The only thing she knows for sure is that she would like to attend law school. Her hobbies include not sleeping for weeks, staring at blank walls for hours, and eating Chipotle every. single. day. Isabelle decided to join Mock Trial when she read a sign on a cambus that said, “If you are always right and you absolutely rock a suit, this is your call to join Mock trial.”
Maggie Martinson-

Maggie is a sophomore who is currently double majoring in Political Science and Ethics & Public Policy. Her goal is to hopefully pursue a degree in law after completing her bachelor's degree. In her free time, she likes to listen to music and hang out with friends instead of studying like she should be doing. Maggie had never heard of mock trial before coming to the University of Iowa, but she is very happy she joined because she's learned so much and has met so many great people.
Omar Khodor-

Omar is a sophomore who currently has no idea what he wants to do in life, so he chose to open major. He decided to do mock trial because being a lawyer looked cool on TV. His goal one day is to hopefully sue everyone he's ever disliked in life. His real life goals are still undecided to the dismay of his mom.
Sophie Ortiz-

Sophie is sophomore who is majoring in underwater basket weaving because it's pretty much the only thing she's good at. That's code for "she's only a freshman and is still trying to figure out how to be an adult". One of her favorite hobbies is going to the pet store and letting the cute puppies distract her from her responsibilities. Surprisingly, Sophie is pretty good at the steel drums, the harmonica, and soccer; she's still trying to find a way to do all three at the same time. Sophie has an obsession with the color purple, the number 134, and Dr. Seuss books. She joined mock trial so that she could figure out how to assimilate to normal people and also have an outlet for her tendencies to be overdramatic.
Tarentino Vacanti-

Tarentino is a sophomore who has not declared an area of study yet.  He hopes to decide what he is going to do for the rest of his life, before the rest of his life actually happens.  Growing up in rural southwestern Iowa, he enjoys meeting new people and trying to explain to them where the heck “Treynor Iowa” is.  Tarentino is involved in intramural soccer, loves going to Improv shows, and can quote literally every line from The Office, ever. Tarentino had no idea what Mock Trial was before coming to the University of Iowa, but he is very glad he discovered it and got involved. 


Mikayla Huston-

Mikayla is a junior majoring in Philosophy and Political Science, as well as pursuing a minor in Portuguese. She has no idea why she chose these disciplines or how she will turn them into a viable career. Mikayla loves Led Zeppelin, The Walking Dead, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, If you also like any of these things, you and Mikayla can be friends. Mikayla stumbled upon Mock Trial auditions one day and now finds herself enjoying the activity way more than she anticipated, mostly because she likes surrounding herself with passive-aggressive geniuses. Mikayla’s idols in life are Snoop Dogg and Emily Gilmore.

Assistant Coaches

Jake Huebener-

Jake competed for UIMT in 2013 - 2017. He graduated with a degree in Mathematics and earned his M.A.T. in Secondary Mathematics Education. He went to Ottumwa High School in southeast Iowa where he was first coached in public speaking by UIMT alumna Melissa Carpenter. Jake can't get enough mock trial as he also coaches for Muscatine High School and West Middle School in Muscatine where he teaches high school math. In the small amount of free time that he finds, Jake loves to play piano and read anything that involves science-fiction or math. He is what some people might call an obsessive bibliophile as he is always buying more books than he can possibly read. Besides making friends and traveling, Jake enjoys mock trial because it helps him build his public speaking and critical thinking skills so that he can be a great teacher. 

Kimberly Depalma-

Kimberly is currently a third-year law student at the University of Iowa interested in pursuing criminal law and becoming a public defender. She competed in undergrad mock trial for four years at Iowa, and currently serves as the assistant director of trial advocacy at Iowa Law

Sam Kaplan-

Samantha graduated with a double major in elementary education and psychology and middle school endorsements in math and social studies. Now she teaches sixth grade at Solon Middle School. She likes basically everything your typical white girl would like - Starbucks, Netflix, shopping at Goodwill, and Instagramming all of the above. She also has a penchant for procrastination (ie this was due ten minutes ago). She joined mock trial because she needed an outlet for public speaking; apparently, talking aloud to oneself does not count.

Shane McChurch-

Shane is a second-year Iowa Law student and he formerly competed in UIMT. He's the type of guy who knows he's smarter than everyone, but he'll still be your friend and help you out. Shane is an excellent drummer in an awesome band that will someday help him pay off his loans. He also hopes to someday have his very own pet ostrich. Why? Because flightless birds need love too and penguins are overrated.