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Welcome to Our Recruitment Class of 2021-2022!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In the month of September, we spent a few weeks with interested students teaching Mock Trial 101, learning about the law and practicing opening statements, direct and cross examinations, and closing arguments.

Try-outs were held Sept. 26 and 28. After seeing so much talent and enthusiasm, our coaches were extremely impressed, and decisions were not easy.

We are so happy to welcome our 2021-2022 first-year members:

  • Natalie Beyenhof

  • Abbie Bouska

  • Nicole Chung

  • Zoe Rae Coffman

  • Kelsey Cooper

  • Devin Ensley

  • Katherine Geerdes

  • Wyatt Hellman

  • Nathan Inches

  • Sean Lavoy

  • Chase McLaren

  • Maddie Shull

  • Sierra Soto

  • Adam Soukup

  • Rachel Winkler

Congratulations! We can't wait to see you all crush it in the courtroom!

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